RCCM/RCMM     Road to Christ Christian Ministry
We started an outreach on the streets of Toronto in 2007. In front of the former Eaton Centre, we set up a book table full of Bibles and other Christian literature. Pedestrians become curious and stop by. We do not engage the crowd but we wait for people to come to the table. This type of contact is more effective than just handing out  tracts on the streets or knocking on doors. (1 Peter 3:15-17)

On average, we talk to 40-90 people and have longer conversations with 20-40 persons every day that we are at the crossroads of Dundas and Yonge Streets. Annually, we meet about 1,000-2,000 people. We  give away hundreds Bibles and New Testaments, and great number of booklets.

We are excited to let every Bible-believing church know that we have a great window of opportunity to evangelize people who are strolling on the streets, without attracting unhealthy criticism or hostile action from pedestrians. We are praying for more full/part time volunteers for downtown Toronto. We need a lot of good literature for evangelism and for apologetic purposes. 

We also believe that every church can do a similar outreach in its own neighborhood and we, as a team including two Evangelism Explosion trainers with over 10 years experience in this type of activity, will be glad to help with the start of such an outreach in Ontario.
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